43rd Annual Regional Retreat

May 25 — 28, 2018

Theme: Love, Life, and Laughter with Sai

Love exists for love and nothing else. It is spontaneous and imparts delight. Everything is permeated by love. Love sees with the heart and not the eyes. It listens not through the ears but by the tranquility of the heart. It speaks not with the tongue but out of compassion. Compassion, kindness and love are separate words that mean the same thing. Love has many synonyms. Love can emanate only from the heart and not any other source. Love is immortal, nectarine, blissful and infinite. A heart filled with love is boundless. Just as rivers with different names and forms merge in the ocean and become one with it, love in many forms enters the ocean of the heart and gets identified with it. SSS 28.38: December 25, 1995

Live in love. Love is life. Without loving or being loved, no being can exist on the earth. Love sustains. Love strengthens. Love is the urge behind all adventure, all sacrifice, all success. SSS 11.30: August 1, 1971

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