Guest Speakers

Mr. John Behner

Mr. John Behner is a Sai Leader from El Salvador. He came to Swami in 1979 and had many personal interactions and experiences. He is currently serving as the Zonal Chair of Zone 2 (Latin and South American Countries). He is a member of the Prashanti Nilayam Hospitality Committee and International Disaster Relief Committee. He has been coordinating the Christmas Celebrations in Prashanti Nilayam for over a decade.

Mrs. Geetha Ram

Mrs. Geetha Ram is blessed to be born in a family that has served Swami since 1943. From birth, Geetha has had the incredible fortune of growing up with and experiencing our Divine Lord as God, guru, beloved family member and dearest friend. At the age of 14, she was selected by Swami to be a Balvikas teacher and to deliver lectures under the EHV (Education in Human Values) program to high school teachers throughout Karnataka. Trained in early childhood education, Geetha taught kindergarten in a private school for 17 years after coming to the U.S. Geetha is a consummate raconteur, gifted with the ability to make her audience feel they were actually present during her interactions with Swami. She has been in great demand as a speaker and at Swami's behest, she has traveled all over the world - including Canada, the U.K., Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, India and throughout the U.S. - to spread His glory.

On Monday morning we will conclude the retreat by having an interactive session with our esteemed guest speakers. This is our opportunity to get spiritual questions answered.


Interactive study circle style workshops are planned based on the retreat theme and covering areas of devotion, education and service.

SSE Program

​SSE children of all ages will have an engaging, entertaining and educatinal experience at the retreat. SSE group 1 children will take part in a group parade/dance item. SSE group 2 children will present a musical play titled " The Journey "– where a motley set of passengers embark on a journey and run into an unexpected guide. Will they complete the journey? It’s a play conceived and written by SSE children for SSE Children depicting lessons for life through a train journey. Groups 3 & 4 will present Life Application projects that they have been working on under the Life Enriched by Application of Principles (LEAP) program – a set of projects that the children themselves conceptualize, develop and carry out at their centers. We will also have a Musical Ensemble that comprise instrumental and vocal pieces. The children will offer a combination of devotional songs and bhajans that seek to transport the listeners to the realms of divinity. Senior Group 4 children will have opportunities to be mentored by YAs and to take part in workshops tailored for their age group. All SSE students will be involved in age appropriate service and devotion activities. There will also be outdoor " Sai Sports and Games " for all SSE children.

Young Adults

The Young Adult program will include unison singing, workshops, games/activities, a cultural program, and private sessions with our captivating guest speakers, who will share their experience on Love, Life, and Laughter with Swami.

Please note: YA programs are meant for ages 18-40 only. YAs who are planning to attend only adult programs should register as adults. SSE Group 4 students in Grade 12 are also welcome to attend YA sessions.

YA Cultural Program (Sunday Night)

Since 1926, devotees have connected with Bhagavan in various ways. Some had the privilege of moving closely with Him and enjoyed His physical proximity. Many observed and admired Him from a distance and established their connection through glimpses of the physical form. But what about the last category - those who have never seen Him physically? Since 2011, we all had to find different ways to connect with our Swami. How do you explain the phenomenon of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba to someone who has never seen Him? The young adults offer a play that explores the idea of conveying to the next generation the ineffable, inimitable Incarnation of Divine Love and the journey of connecting with Him. This journey to Sai, with Sai is not a singular, linear path. There will be curves, road blocks, and scenic overlooks along the way. We invite you to join us for the ride.

Book Store

The book store will feature many books and CDs that are sold by the Sathya Sai Book Center in Tustin and the full spectrum of Radio Sai products.

Community Service

Multiple Service opportunities are available during the Retreat and devotees are encouraged to volunteer for any Service opportunity that appeals to them (Please see the "Service Opportunities" page for more details). Apart from these Service activities, two Service Workshops are also being planned for this year's retreat. The first workshop will address how to streamline service activities in a Sai Center using online sign-up sheets. The second workshop aims at enabling participants to be adept in making baby hats, blankets and bibs to complement the on-going Regional Service activity of donating such items to various hospitals.