Campsite accommodations are in cabins with beds for 8 to 12 people. Men and women stay in separate cabins. Male children 5 and under normally stay with their mother. The cabins are not heated. Camp regulations do not allow personal space heaters. Nights in the Northern Poconos can get very cold. We recommend that you bring a few personal items to ensure that your stay at the retreat is comfortable and safe. Items should include warm clothing, coat, raingear, walking shoes, pillow, sheet, blanket, sleeping bag, towel, toiletries including hand soap, flashlight, alarm clock, insect repellent, cushion, pen, notebook and water bottle.

The campsite is very spacious and can accommodate over 800 devotees for onsite stay. However, in order to implement COVID related safety measures, we are reducing the occupancy in each of the cabins.

Offsite accommodations - Hotels.

Devotees who choose to stay off-site are responsible for making their own arrangements. During Memorial Day hotel room availability is at a premium. Please call early to ensure accommodation during this busy vacation weekend.

The following is a partial list of hotels close to the retreat site: (additional list can be found at the camp website under "Westmont Families/Directions and Places to Stay" tab). Major hotels are in Scranton, PA, which is an hour away.

  • Hancock House Hotel, Hancock, NY, Phone: 607-637-7100, (about 15 miles from the camp).

  • Hotel Anthracite, Carbondale, PA, (20 minutes drive)

  • Upper Delaware Inn, Hancock, NY,

  • Smith Colonial Motel, Hancock, NY,

  • The Speakeasy Saloon & Resort, Uniondale, PA

  • Econo Lodge, 1175 Kane Street Scranton, PA 18505, Phone: 570-348-1000, (45 Miles from the camp, Motel owned by a Sai Devotee providing discounted rates)

  • Inn at the Starlight Lake, Starlight, PA

  • Other Motels - Day's Inn (Dunmore), Scottish Inn (Dunmore), Comfort Inn in Clark Summit

  • Camp Westmont Website - Westmont Families - Directions and Places to Stay

Retreat Check In.

Upon arriving at the Camp, please proceed directly to the Registration desk and pick up your badges and cabin assignments. If you are a walk-in registrant, your forms will be processed on site. Overnight accommodation cannot be guaranteed for devotees registering at the site. There will be volunteers to assist with the luggage for the elderly. Registration will open at 3:00 PM on Friday.

Registration will close at 10:00pm on Friday night and will open again Saturday morning at 7:30am. Vehicles are not allowed in the campsite at any time. Transportation help may not be available after 10:00pm on Friday night. Please make your best efforts to arrive early.

Retreat Rules.

“The restrictions, rules and self-control are the royal roads leading to that goal of self- realization. They are not just to bind you, to limit or control you” - Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

This is a spiritual retreat. To ensure that all attendees can spiritually benefit from the Retreat, we require that everyone observe the following basic rules.

Safety Rules

Swimming pools and the lake are off limits to all retreat attendees because of safety, insurance and liability reasons. At night, please observe designated lights out.

General Rules

Park only in the designated areas. Only authorized vehicles will be allowed to move around the campsite. Camps have underground pipes and tanks that are easily crushed as well as hilly and wet areas where cars/vans are not allowed. Please respect the campsite rules and property. Do not tamper with cabin fixtures. Stay in your assigned cabins. Do not leave children and valuables unattended. Men and women will be seated separately for all activities. Do not undertake any independent workshops or group activity. Engaging in any commercial transaction is prohibited.Please note that pets are not allowed on the camp site.

Dress Code Rules

Modest clothing, suitable for an Ashram, is required at all times. No shorts, mini skirts, or tight fitting clothes are allowed. Early mornings and evenings can be cold, so please come prepared with sweaters and shawls. As children will take part in outdoor play activities, sneakers and comfortable play clothes are encouraged.

Behavior Rules

Smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages, and possession of firearms, fireworks, and illegal substances are strictly prohibited.

Cabin Rules

Men and women stay in separate cabins (except the family cabins). Men are strictly prohibited from entering the cabins designated for women.

Help ensure that the cabin is returned clean in as good or better condition as you found it, and please bring any “lost and found” items to the service desk before you leave for home. There are brooms and dustpans in each cabin. Please use them. Before leaving, please look around to make sure you have not left anything behind.